Perfectly timed wedding photo
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I think my favorite thing about this generation is how seriously everyone takes their Hogwarts house.


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au where obama loses his memory and reconnects to his past lives
  • Obama: Who am I?
  • FDR: You are the president
  • Obama: I dont know what that is
  • Reagan: In order to remember you must regain your American spirit
  • Lincoln: If you don't, tyranny will engulf the country and you will die
  • Obama: How do I regain my American spirit?
  • Clinton: Go to the beginnings. Find freedom
  • -Washington Appears-
  • Obama: Are you freedom?
  • Washington: No, but I can help you find her
  • Washington: My name is Washington, and i will show you how i became the first president
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did humans invent math or did we discover it

does math even exist

i already regret making this post bc smart people keep messaging me trying to explain math and it’s making me nauseous 

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What does smh even stand for

So many hornets???

Sultry maniacal hashbrowns?


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 #want to know why i love this? #and this is going to sound horrible and traumatizing #but i love it because you’re not saying that the monsters aren’t real #you’re saying that there’s ways to get the better of them #there’s nothing worse than telling a child that something doesn’t exist #even the bad things#because that’s when they begin to doubt #and doubt is the main killer of imagination #so rather than saying ‘the monsters won’t get you because they don’t exist’ #you’re saying ‘i learned how to defeat the monsters and i think you’re old enough to learn as well’ #just a thought

Green is not a creative color
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Me as a dog
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